- ABOUT mazal -

​​​Hello there, my name is Mazal Blanco,

I am Colombian, from heart and soul. Born and raised in Barranquilla, daughter of the sun and the Caribbean.

I have been creating jewelry out of recycled and organic materials. I love experimenting and creating art, so I try to manipulates different elements and transforms them into unexpected pieces. I spend most of my time at home where I have my studio doing stuff, creating whatever comes out.

Collaboration is one of the values I like to cultivate and sharing knowledge is one of the things I like the most, that's the reason why I have volunteer as an Art's and Kraft Teacher in different foundations.

Big part of my life is love for animals and nature, so I LOVE traveling, being outdoors and my lovely, beautiful and amazing pets. Nature has inspired me in so many ways and I like to bring as many ideas to life, even Panela (dog) & Limón (cat) has given me so much happiness and ideas that I even created an exclusive line for our little loves. <3.  

My business is just my way to serve to the community and the environment for the greatest inspiration they give me everyday. So if you have any question or just want to share something with me feel free to contact me!